‘Shelf 2 Table’ a new Marion business selling freeze dried food

‘Shelf 2 Table’ a new Marion business selling freeze dried food

Cathy LockwoodMarch 03, 2021

MARION, Iowa (KWWL) - Cathy Lockwood lost her job due to the pandemic, but decided to take it as an opportunity to start a new business.

'Shelf 2 Table,' based out of Marion, creates and sells a wide variety of freeze-dried goods. Lockwood built a commercial kitchen in her own home to make the shelf-stable foods.

Freeze drying involves bringing the food down to a temperature of minus 40 degrees or cooler, removing the moisture content from the food and sealing it in oxygen-proof packaging.

"That's why it's great for long term storage, it also retains up to 97% of the nutrients which is a lot better than canned or frozen foods as well, and some of the foods can last up to 25 years," Lockwood said.

The business operates online, ships nationwide and delivers locally.

Benefits of Freeze Drying:

Shelf Stable - Shelf Life up to 25 years*

Healthier - Locks in up to 97% of Foods Nutrition

Easier - Bye Bye Prep Time

Lighter - Great for Hiking, Hunting and Camping

Freeze Dry - Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, Treats, Meals and More


Save - Time, Money, and Space - Less Waste

Tastier - Locks in Flavor and Freshness

Available - Quick, Unique and Healthy Snacks, Ingredients and Meals

Bye Bye Fridge and Freezer

Limit Trips to the Grocery Store

Emergency Food Storage

Lockwood offers anything from freeze dried fruit, vegetables and even prepared meals.