Beef Shredded Freeze Dried Cooked



Shelf 2 Table's Beef Shredded Freeze Dried Cooked package contains Freeze Dried Shredded Beef in two convenient sizes.

Comes in 2 package sizes:

  • 5.0 oz. net weight (pre-freeze dried weight of 16 oz)
  • 2.5 oz. net weight (pre-freeze dried weight of 8 oz)

Ingredients - Beef, water, cultured sugar and vinegar, natural flavoring, and salt.  Rubbed with: Salt, dextrose, natural flavors, sugar, caramel color, dried beef stock, maltodextrin and paprika.

Great for Sandwiches or as the main entrée!  

Best By Date: Up to 25 years from date of purchase.

All products are packaged for maximum long-term storage in resealable 7 mil Mylar bags with oxygen absorber. (Remove oxygen absorber after opening)

Beef Shredded Freeze Dried Cooked is easily hydrated by adding hot water, covering and letting it sit for 15 minutes.  Drain extra water. 

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A Shelf 2 Table Customer
United States United States
This is delish!!

Wow! There is a ton of freeze dried pulled beef in this package!! I actually didn't need all the meat for the meal and used it for 3 meals for one person. Next time I will plan on removing only what I needed and reseal the mylar package for later (resealed it can last up to a year if kept dry! - sealed in original packaging 20+yrs!!) Meat could become scarce in years to come...if power goes out, freezer meat spoils. You also don't have to deal with freezer burn!! Long term meat storage with freeze dried meats is a beautiful thing! Prepper heaven. Love all the selections of meat Shelf2Table has!! Plus the desserts and other meals... Wow! Can't wait to see what else is going to be added to lineup! This is perfect for preppers and campers!!! Yum!

Shelf 2 Table

Thank you for your positive review and the great information you shared about the Freeze Dried Shredded Beef from! We pride ourselves in having a great selection of Freeze Dried Meats as well as other Freeze Dried Food and Freeze Dried Ingredients. As of yesterday we added a smaller portion size of the Freeze Dried Shredded Beef; which is perfect for 1-2 meals for campers, outdoor enthusiasts and quick at home meals. Our portion sizes are now 8 oz. and 16 oz. (Pre-Freeze Dried weight, cooked with no waste!) One of our favorites; great quality freeze dried meat! Once the package is open, reseal any leftovers for up to a year in the fridge. Unopened up to 25 years like you stated. Great as an entrée, sandwich or added to recipes!

Ray H.
United States United States
First purchase

yes. very happy. Freeze dried beef is great. I'm a hiker and backpacker and use your products on my trips.

Shelf 2 Table

Thank you for your positive review of the Freeze Dried Shredded Beef from! We appreciate your business and feedback. We also wanted to let you know we just added a smaller portion size that is perfect for hiking and backpacking and perfect for 1-2 meals! (8 oz. and 16 oz. Pre-Freeze Dried weight; cooked, no waste!) Just rehydrate in the bag and it's ready in 15 minutes!