Freeze Dried Parmesan Cheese Shredded



Freeze Dried Parmesan Cheese Shredded

Suitable for a wide range of dishes. This cheese has a mellow nut-like flavor, making it an excellent choice to melt or mix into premium-quality entrees.

Ingredients:. Parmesan Cheese: (Pasteurized Part-Skim Cow's Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Potato Starch and Powdered Cellulose added to prevent caking, (A Natural Mold Inhibitor). Allergens & Warnings: Contains MILK

Pre-Freeze Dried weight: 6 oz.

Net weight: 4 oz.

Directions: Discard Oxygen Absorber. Cover with water to the top of the cheese and stir. Let sit for 10-15 min., drain any extra liquid.  For melted cheese, add water and heat.  Also great added to your favorite recipes with a little extra liquid added.


Best By: Up to 10 years from purchase date. 

All products are packaged for maximum long-term storage in resealable 7 mil Mylar bags with oxygen absorber. (Remove oxygen absorber after opening)