Freeze Dried Ham - Cubed 1/2"



Shelf2Table's Freeze Dried Ham - Cubed 1/2" starts from quality choice hams and cubed for convenience, no prep no waste.  Eat by itself or add to your favorite recipes.

Net weight - 3.0 oz.  Pre-Freeze Dried weight - 12.0 oz.

Ingredients - Ham cured with: Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Natural Smoke Flavor, Sodium Nitrate.

*** The 1/2" cubed ham takes longer to rehydrate (min. 30-40 minutes).  We have 1/4" diced ham that rehydrates in 15 min.

Directions: Discard Oxygen Absorber.  Rehydrate with hot water, cover and let sit for a minimum of 30-40 min. (Or overnight in the fridge in water.) Add to your favorite recipes!  

Best By Date: Up to 25 years from date of purchase.

All products are packaged for maximum long-term storage in resealable 7 mil Mylar bags with oxygen absorber. (Remove oxygen absorber after opening)