Press Release for Shelf 2 Table - Freeze Dried Foods

Press Release for Shelf 2 Table - Freeze Dried Foods

Cathy LockwoodFebruary 02, 2021

 PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

Marion, IA.

New Local Online Business “SHELF 2 TABLE – Freeze-Dried Foods” emerges from the “Black Swan Events” of 2020 with an online business producing and selling Shelf Stable, Freeze-Dried Foods at

Recent economic, health and natural events were the genesis; for long-time Marion resident Cathy Lockwood to create; offering SHELF STABLE – FREEZE-DRIED INGREDIENTS, SNACKS AND MEALS. Shelf offers a variety of Freeze-Dried Fruits, Veggies, Treats, Meats, Dairy, Eggs, Meals & more!  No fridge or freezer is needed. No Prep. Less Waste. Produced and packaged for long term food storage.

Benefits of Freeze Drying:

Shelf Stable - Shelf Life up to 25 years*

Healthier - Locks in up to 97% of Foods Nutrition

Easier - Bye Bye Prep Time

Lighter - Great for Hiking, Hunting and Camping

Freeze Dry - Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, Treats, Meals and More

Save - Time, Money, and Space - Less Waste

Tastier - Locks in Flavor and Freshness

Available - Quick, Unique and Healthy Snacks, Ingredients and Meals

Bye Bye Fridge and Freezer

Limit Trips to the Grocery Store

Emergency Food Storage


Shelf-Life Comparison

  • Freeze-Dried Foods – Up to 25 years *
  • Dehydrated Foods – Avg. 4 years
  • Canned Foods – Avg. 3 years
  • Frozen Foods – Avg. 2 years

 *Based on product and storage conditions.

What is Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is the removal of water from a frozen product using a process called sublimation. Sublimation occurs when a frozen liquid transforms directly to a gaseous state without passing back through the liquid phase. The process of freeze-drying consists of three phases: pre-freezing down to – 40 or colder, primary drying with a powerful vacuum and secondary drying. When completely dry, food is sealed in moisture and oxygen-proof packaging to ensure freshness until opened.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Food over Dehydration:

  • Freeze-Dried Food retains original characteristics including Color –Form – Size – Taste - Nutrients
  • Most Foods Reconstitute to original state when placed in water
  • Shelf Stable at room temperature – cold storage not required
  • Freeze Dried food is light with weight reduced by 70-90 percent, with no change in volume.
  • Low water activity virtually eliminates microbiological concerns.
  • Offers the highest quality in a dry product compared with other drying methods.
  • Virtually any type of food or ingredient, whether solid or liquid, can be freeze-dried

 Please visit and check back often for menu changes! 

Free delivery over $49 in 15-mile radius of Marion, IA


About Shelf 2 Table – Freeze-Dried Foods:

The owner of; Cathy Lockwood has an extensive background in restaurant, retail, and hotel management. Shelf 2 Table is currently an online store based in Marion that ships nationwide and delivers locally.  Hoping to inspire more people to be self-reliant, with the goal of stronger community preparedness.

About our logo: The Shelf 2 Table logo also incorporates “Shelf Stable” and the “Black Swan icon”; a metaphor that describes an unpredictable event that results in severe and widespread consequences.

For more information regarding Shelf 2 Table, please contact Cathy Lockwood PO Box 844 Marion, IA 52302 or or Shop at