Welcome To Shelf2Table Freeze Dried Foods

Welcome To Shelf2Table Freeze Dried Foods

Cathy LockwoodJanuary 10, 2021

Thank you for being a valued patron of Shelf 2 Table; we truly appreciate your support!

There is no denying 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. For me personally, I lost my job due to the pandemic and endured a Land Hurricane (called a Derecho) that hit the Midwest with up to 140 mph winds for almost an hour. Because of the Derecho we were without electricity for 13 days; many people without the ability to cook and loss of valuable frozen and refrigerated foods.

This was the Genesis of Shelf 2 Table.

At Shelf 2 Table we continue to build our offering of quality shelf stable foods.  Each of our products are packaged in a 7 mil Mylar bag with an oxygen absorber for maximum shelf life.  Some competitors use packaging with a clear window designed to show their product; these are not meant for long term storage as light and air can get in and degrade the shelf life.

New products that will be added to inventory this month:

“Deluxe Beef Stew” this is an excellent product. The first ingredient of our product is “beef”, whereas most competitors have “potatoes” as their main ingredient.  Great for meals, long term storage or camping!

Minced Garlic, you won’t be paying for water weight with our product. Easy and convenient for all cooking applications.

Pineapple Chunks, as with our other fruit offerings the Pineapple chunks are great as a snack out of the bag, rehydrated for recipes, or added to your favorite beverages.

Cheesecake Bites, three tasty flavors, New York Style, Caramel Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Swirl…..YUM!  Convenient snack when you want just a bite …or the whole bag!

Also, we are offering a 10% through the month of January, just use Promo Code NEWYEAR10 at checkout.

We continually strive to provide quality freeze-dried products with a great variety to our customers.

Thanks again for your support and stock up on Freeze Dried foods to prepare for “anything!”

Cathy Lockwood

Owner Shelf2Table.com